1. Can you replace the oat flour with a different flour like coconut, tapioca, arrowroot, cassava, etc? I am Paleo so I can use the almond flour but not the oat.

    • Hi Savannah

      I have used coconut flour before and it worked fine. I would recommend using a couple drops of vanilla essence to the flour mix as the coconut flour tends to give it a slight bitter taste.


  2. Hi! I just bought fresh pears from the farmers market.. can I use them instead of canned pears? Is the moisture content too different?

    • Hi Casey,

      Yes, you can use fresh pears, the result will just be a slightly firmer pear. Canned pear will definitely have a higher moisture content and softer texture but I have tried it with fresh pears and it still taste just as great.

      Thank you for trying the recipe.


    • Hi Charlene
      Of course you can make it ahead of time. It just tastes best when it is still warm. I have also tried them the next day and they still taste delicious!



  3. Hey, I’m intolerant to egg whites but I can have egg yolk. If I just put in egg yolk how would this turn out? Could I just replace the egg with a flax meal egg?

    • Hi Heather,

      You can just add the egg yolk and not include the egg white, it will work out just fine. You can also use flax meal egg too.


      Korie : )

    • Hi Laron,

      Thank-you for taking the time to look through my recipes. Yes, flax seed egg can be used as substitute for egg. Hope it works out!


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